Soil & mulch

The right soil and mulch can make a huge difference to your landscaping look. Allow us here, at Lafayette Materials, to help you pick out the right colors and amount needed to fit you and your garden’s needs.

Our highly knowledgeable specialists can help you pick out the best materials for your garden or yard and will be happy to explain each item’s benefit to you.

Reliable and Efficient Services

Call us today for pickup and delivery of topsoil, sand, mulch, fill dirt and so much more. Whatever your construction project needs, you can count on us to supply them to you.

Click here to have one of our representatives call you. We are locally owned and operated!

We Specialize in flowerbed mix & vegetable mixes.
  • Vegetable mix (high quality garden soil)
  • Bedbuilder Mix (flowerbed mix)
  • Cypress (red, black and brown)
  • Shredded hardwood
  • Pine
  • Bagged Mulch
  • Cypress (3 cubic ft bags)
  • Cedar (3 cubic ft bags)
  • Pine straw (3 cubic ft bags)
  • Certified Playground Mulch
How Much does your project need?
What is Certified Playground Mulch?

A playground ground cover material that has met specific requirements set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and has been tested to ensure they meet or exceed those standards.


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